2022 bKash Offers

2022 bKash Offers

The bonus offer also appeared on the upgrade! No need to go anywhere. You can

open a bKash account automatically.

Win motorcycles and smartphones with reference to improvements
Motorcycles, laptops, smartphones and various prizes will be available through Bikashe. Depending on the number of transfers, bKash users will receive a variety of attractive prizes. The rules for this transfer offer are:
The referee will receive a bonus of 100 taka for every successful transfer
The transferor will receive the bonus only if the app opens a bKash account using the transfer link.
The winner will be determined after the end of the campaign
If more than one winner exceeds the above conditions in the same award, the first to meet the terms of the offer will be declared the winner.

The Development Authority has the power to change and modify any terms and conditions
Donation time: November 11 to December 31, 2021
Prize referee development awards:
Honda CBR 150R with over 6000 transmissions, one winner
The TVS Metro 100CC motorcycle passed more than 6000, the top two winners
Lenovo laptops with more than 5000 referral, 6 top winners
Oppo A16 smartphone with more than 2000 references, won 20 top winners
1000 taka bonus on more than 600 transfers, most successful 200 people
Rules for reference to development software:

Install the bKash app and press the Refer bKash App from the menu.
Copy the link by tapping on Refer / Refer
Ask friends or family members to open a bKash account using the bKash app by sharing a referral link
BKash New Account Offer 2022 – bKash New Account Offer 2022
The upgrade app is actually a bonus of up to 150 rupees!
Provide details and conditions:
Bonus Terms

25 try for the first time by opening an account in the application
25 charge to recharge or withdraw money from any mobile phone within 7 days of login
25 taka every time you charge 25 points on your mobile number
(7 days after sign up for up to 2 months, 1 time per month)
50 rupees
Bonus of Rs. 25 / – per debit card to add Rs. 1,000 or more in your account
(7 days after sign up for up to 2 months, 1 time per month)
50 rupees

The total bonus is 150 rupees
If you open an account with the bKash app and log in to the app for the first time, the new customer will receive an instant bonus of 25 taka. Instant bonus will be awarded after successful registration and first login.
After opening an account, by signing in to the app for the first time and re-charging or removing any mobile phone number, you will receive another 25 taka bonus! To get the bonus, you need to re-charge or withdraw money within 7 days after logging in to the bKash app.

From day 7 to re-charge or withdraw money and login, if you re-charge 25 taka on your number for 2 consecutive months, you will receive a bonus of 25 taka per month. So you will get a full bonus of 50 rupees in 2 months.
From day 7 of initial charge or checkout, 2 consecutive months, if you add Rs. So you will get a full bonus of 50 rupees in 2 months.
Qualified customers will be able to receive the offer under the conditions of fulfillment.
The customer will receive the bonus of opening a new account only once.

BKash reserves the right to modify / amend the terms and conditions of its campaign. And if evidence of fraudulent activity is found in a customer account, bKash reserves the right to cancel that instant bonus for that customer.
The 150 taka bonus offer will be valid until September 30, 2021 by opening an account in the bKash app.
Didn’t do the job by signing up for bKash? Then this offer is for you. If you charge and discharge the phone for the first time in the bKash app, you will receive a bonus amount. Then when you recharge and discharge your phone next month, you will receive a refund. This limited time gift may expire at any time.

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