Airtel MB check code 2022 ( How do I check my MB on Airtel? )

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Airtel MB check code 2022 ( How can I check internet balance? )

If you are an Airtel operator, you must check MB at some point. So to check MB you need to know what is Airtel MB check code?

And how to check MB in Airtel SIM? So if you want to know, you have to read the whole post. And now you are watching Nour 360. So let’s start today’s post.    ( How do I check my MB on Airtel? )

You must have come to this post to know about the MB check code in Airtel SIM. And when you come to this post, you have made the right decision.

Because today we will know the number or code to check MB in Airtel SIM. So let’s go back to the main discussion and don’t know how to check Airtel MB.

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There are a total of 3 ways to check MB on your Airtel SIM. Today we will share 3 methods with you. Below are the rules for checking MB in Airtel SIM:

Code to check MB in Airtel SIM  – airtel MB check code bd

 [Method: 1]

You can follow this procedure first to check your remaining MB with your Airtel SIM.

So first you have to go to your dialer app. Then go to that app and dial * 8000 * 84 #. Then in a window, you can see your remaining MB check code bd

Airtel MB Check Code –  How can I check internet balance  [Method: 2] 

If you fail to check Airtel MB by following the first procedure. Then you can follow this method.

For this, you have to go back to your dial pad. Then go there and type: * 8 #. Then you can see your Airtel MBs in a window. ( airtel SMS check code )

How to check Airtel MB – [Method: 3]

If you follow the 2 steps given above, you will not be able to check Airtel MB. Then you should follow this procedure. Because this is the easiest way to check Airtel MB. ( airtel MB offer )

So now you need to install the My Airtel app. Then you need to log in with your Airtel phone number. Then you can see more information including MB on the homepage of the My Airtel app.

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