Chhatra League will also be on the field to demand half rent: Lekhak Bhattacharjee

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Bangladesh Chhatra League says that the movement of students for half fare on public transport is reasonable and practical. Lekhak Bhattacharjee, central general secretary of the Chhatra League, said that the organization has solidarity and support for the demands of the students. The top leader of the student body also said that the BCL would work from the ground and hand over the affidavit to the Home Minister to realize the ‘reasonable’ demand.

At the same time, the Lekhak Bhattacharjee also claimed that no one from Chhatra League was involved in the beating of a student and attack on protesters at the Science Lab in the capital on Tuesday (November 23).

He said, “The news published in various media involving Chhatra League in the incident of the beating of a student in Sciencelab is false and fabricated.” An incident at Dhaka College and Ideal College has been continued as an attack by Chhatra League. We will send a letter of protest on behalf of the Chhatra League to the newspaper office. ‘

The general secretary of the Chhatra League said, “Chhatra League will try from the field to make the demands of the students successful.” The BCL leaders will give a memorandum to the Home Minister of the government to implement this demand.

Lekhak Bhattacharjee said, “The demands made by the students are logical. We support their demands. We will give a memorandum to the Home Minister in this regard. We will also work from the field to implement the demands of the students. ‘

However, in the name of the student movement, if anyone tries to create chaos, the general secretary of Chhatra League writer Bhattacharya has warned them to give a toothless answer.

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