BKash App Welcome Offer – Bonus Every Week!

BKash App Welcome Offer – Bonus Every Week!

BKash App Welcome Offer – Bonus Every Week! The more you use by logging in to the bKash app for the first time, the more bonuses you will get. Download the bKash app and open your own account from the app and challenge every week Complete the bonus up to a

total of 200 rupees in 6 weeks. 10 taka bonus if you log in to the app 3 times in 1st week Up to 15 taka bonus if you recharge your mobile in 2nd week If you answer the quiz in 3rd week, you will get 10 taka bonus 15 taka bonus if you send 15 taka in 4th week 25 taka bonus on any transaction in 5th week 30 rupees bonus if paid in 6th week If


you pay the bill in the 8th week, you will get 35 rupees bonus 40 taka bonus on any transaction in 8th week Campaign details: In order to receive the bonus, the customer’s account status and the incoming transaction of the account must be active. If the bonus distribution fails due to the issue of customer account status, the customer will no longer receive the campaign bonus;


Eligible subscribers will receive a bonus for all of the mentioned campaigns within 2 working days after the end of the weekly challenge; • If a customer participates in a campaign on a Thursday of a week, he / she will receive a bonus on the following Sunday (working day) by completing the challenge; ; If the customer does not receive cashback for any unknown reason other than the reason for the issue of account status,

right to cancel the customer’s bonus. The Challenge Bonus for any week applies to the specific first transaction of that week.

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