bKash New Offers 2022 Bonus offer

bKash New Offers 2022 Bonus offer

bKash New Offers 2022 Bonus offer came again in development! Now open your account in minutes from the new development app. No need to go anywhere. You can open bKash account automatically. Only if you have a national identity card. Win motorbikes and smartphones by referring to development Motorbikes,

laptops, smartphones and various prizes will be available by referring to Bikashe. Depending on the total referrals, bKash users will get various attractive rewards. The rules of this referral offer are: Referee will get 100 taka bonus for every successful referral The referrer will receive a bonus only if the app opens a bKash account using the referral link.

The winner will be decided after the expiration of the campaign If more than one winner exceeds the above conditions in the same offer, the first to meet the conditions of the offer will be declared the winner. The Development Authority has the power to change and modify any terms and conditions Rewards of development referee:

Honda CBR 150R with more than 6000 referrals, 1 winner TVS Metro 100CC motorbike with more than 6000 referrals, the top 2 winners Lenovo laptops with more than 5000 referrals, the top 6 winners Oppo A16 smartphone with over 2000 referrals, top 20 winners 1000 taka bonus for more than 800 referrals,

maximum 200 winners Rules for referring to development app: Enter the bKash app and tap on the Refer bKash App from the menu. Copy the link by tapping on Refer / Refer Ask friends or family members to open a bKash account using the bKash app by sharing the referral link BKash new account offer 2022 Development app is actually a bonus up to 150 rupees! Easily open your own bKash account from bKash app and get bonus. Take a picture of your own and national identity card, open an account yourself with bKash app! Offer details and terms:

Terms Bonus 25 taka for the first time by opening an account from the app 25 taka for recharge or cash out on any mobile number within 7 days of login 25 taka bonus every time you recharge 25 taka on your mobile number (7 days after login and up to next 2 months, 1 time per month) 50 rupees Bonus of Rs. 25 / – per debit card for adding Rs. 1,000 or more to your account (7 days after login and up to next 2 months, 1 time per month) 50 rupees Total bonus is 150 rupees If you open an account from bKash app and log in to the app for the first time, new customer will get 25 taka instant bonus.  After opening the account, by logging in to the app for the first time and recharging or cashing out any mobile number, you will get another 25 taka bonus! To get the bonus log on to the bKash app- You need to recharge or cash out within 7 days after entering.

From the 7th day of 1st time recharge or cash out and login, if you recharge 25 taka on your number for 2 consecutive months, you will get bonus of 25 taka per month. Therefore you will get a total bonus of 50 rupees in 2 months. From the 7th day of 1st recharge or cash out and login, for 2 consecutive months, if you add Rs. Therefore you will get a total bonus of 50 rupees in 2 months. Eligible customers will be able to avail the offer subject to fulfillment of conditions. A customer will get the bonus of opening a new account only once.  And if evidence of fraudulent activity is found on a customer’s account, bKash reserves the right to cancel that customer’s instant bonus.

By opening an account in the bKash app, the 150 taka bonus offer will continue till September 30, 2021. Mobile recharge and cash out bonus for the first time with bKash app Didn’t make any transaction in the app by registering in bKash? Then this offer is for you. If you recharge and cash out mobile for the first time from bKash app, you will get bonus money. Then if you recharge and cash out your mobile next month, you will get cashback. Offer Terms: Rules Cashback If a customer develops a mobile recharge for the first time from the bKash app after registering with bKash, he will get a cashback of Tk 75 in 6 months.

75 rupees If a customer cashes out of the bKash app for the first time after registering with bKash, he will get a cashback of Tk 75 per month. 75 rupees If a customer develops his mobile recharge from the bKash app next month, he will get a cashback of Tk 50 for recharge in the month following the first recharge. 50 rupees If a customer cash out from the bKash app next month, he will get a cashback of Tk 50 for cash out again in the month following the first cash out. 50 rupees

Terms of offer:

You will get 150 taka cashback for the first mobile recharge and cash out from the app. In the month following the first transaction, the same customer will get another 100 taka cashback for mobile recharge and cash out. Thus, during the offer, a customer will get a total bonus up to Tk 150 + Tk 100 = Tk 250. If you do not do any mobile recharge and cash out in the app in the first month, then they will not get the cashback offer for the next month. This offer does not apply to everyone.

Only if you have received a message or push notification from bKash will you be considered for the offer. Customer account status and incoming transactions must be active to get cashback. If the customer fails to deliver cashback due to account status issue, he will not receive the campaign offer. Customers eligible for cashback will be given manual cashback within two working days at the fastest time to the customer’s account if they recharge or cash out the mobile from the app.

BKash reserves the right to change / modify the terms and conditions of this offer. Besides Reserves the right to cancel the customer’s cashback pay-out if a particular transaction activity creates a reasonable suspicion that the cashback facility has been misused by the customer. Offer can be changed / modified considering feedback during the offer. In that case, it must be reported to the appropriate authority. You will get offers for recharge on any mobile number (prepaid, postpaid, skito) of Active bKash customer.

Any customer will get the offer if the conditions of the offer are fulfilled. A customer can avail cashback only once during the offer period. bKash Welcome Offer 2022 Once you open an account using the referral link, a bKash app user will be considered for a welcome offer. Bonus up to Tk. 200 will be available in the first 6 weeks of account opening. The following offer bonuses are available up to the first 6 weeks of account opening: 20 taka bonus for first time login to new bkash account 10 taka bonus if you login to bKash app 3 times in 1st week  If you answer the question correctly by playing quiz in 3rd week, you will get 10 taka bonus  If you pay the bill in the 8th week, you will get 35 rupees bonus  BKash App Refer Bonus 2022 If someone logs in using the referral link of bKash app, the person who made the referral will get 20 taka bonus. Those who login, if they make a transaction of 60 taka for the first time from the app, the referrer will get another 60 taka bonus.

Anyone who logs in using the referral link will get a bonus of Tk 25. App Referral Bonus will be available every time someone logs in by downloading the app using the referral link. Referral link can be found by going to the “Refer A Friend / Refer A Friend” option from the bKash app menu. Referral link can be shared via SMS, social media or chat. Note that the iOS version of the bKash app, i.e. the bKash referrer bonus offer, will not be available on the iPhone.

Referral bonus will be available within 2 card days of successful referral process. Anyone who opens an account using the referral link will be considered for a welcome offer. BKash recharge offer 2022 You can get various attractive packages, bonuses and cashback offers by recharging your or your loved one’s Robi number. The following offers will be available on recharge from bKash on Robi number:

If you recharge 330 taka bkash, 30 taka cashback 307 days 560 minutes talk time + 1 GB internet with 30 taka cashback on 348 taka bKash recharge 309 taka internet with 28 days validity on 399 taka bKash recharge, with 40 taka cashback 304 days 950 minutes talk time + 1GB internet with 56 taka bKash recharge, with 55 taka cashback 549 taka bKash recharge with 25 days internet for 25 days + 25 gb, with 55 taka cashback 100 taka cashback only if you recharge 955 taka bKash Bikash Free Send Money Offer 2022 To make the moment of sending money to your loved ones more enjoyable,

you can send money to 5 favorite numbers at bKash at no cost. Free send money up to a maximum of Rs 25,000 can be made on a total of 5 favorite numbers. BKash cashback offer Various bKash Cashback Offers continue throughout the year. For example, at the beginning of 2021, if you recharged 21 taka from bKash, you would get 20 taka cashback. bKash 11 TK Cashback Offer 18 Taka Cashback was available. Cashback offers through bKash Recharge are not applicable for all bKash customers. BKash cashback offer through recharge will be applicable for those customers who have received the information of cashback offer through SMS or notification.

BKash Food Order Offer

Up to 20% cashback on food purchases using bKash in the Hungrinaki app. In addition, various online shops such as Daraje Bikash are offering up to 15% cashback on payments. BKash tuition fee cashback offer 2022 If you develop the tuition fee of the educational institution, you will get cashback up to 10 taka.  A customer can enjoy the bKash cashback offer twice a month and a maximum of 6 times every 3 months.

BKash discount and cashback offer 2022

Customers will get bKash discount and cashback if they purchase products from merchants like Apex Footwear, Walton, Little India, Sports World etc. All information related to discounts and cashback can be found on the official website of bKash. Cashback offer 2022 on development utility bill payment Utility bill payment information can be saved in bKash app As a result, there is no need to look for bill paper in every bill payment.

If you save the bill information, you will get 10 taka cashback. Bill payment can be done with one click by following the information stored in bKash. In this way, you can get cashback up to Tk 50 on development bill payment. Cashback is available within 3 working days of bill payment. BKash Uber Discount Offer 2022 If you develop Uber Rider payment, you will get a discount of up to 120 rupees. The offer is valid for 1 car and 1 moto ride. 25% discount on car rides (up to Rs. 50) and 50% discount on moto rides (up to Rs. 60).

BKash Pharmacy Payment Offer 2022 5% instant cashback is available if you develop Pharmacy Payment. A maximum of Tk 25 cashback will be available on each transaction. A customer will get a maximum of 2 times a month and a total cashback of 50 rupees. With Codashop’s PUBG and Freefire game payments, there are a variety of cashback offers. Updated information about the offer can be found on Kodashop’s Facebook page and website. Advantages of the new development app Opportunity to use bKash app without account: For those who do not have bKash account but are interested in learning about bKash app, enter the new bKash app as a guest (guest mode). There is an opportunity to do. By using the app in guest mode or as a guest,

the interested person will be able to know and understand all the details of development services, including the features of the app. What is development reward and how to get it? Opportunity to open an account on your own: If the user is interested in opening a bKash account after learning about bKash app, then the app can create new account directly through e-KYC (electronic form with basic information like customer name, address, registration number, mobile number) You can open it.

Watch the video below to know more detailed rules for opening a bKash account from the app. Key Services: The icons that the customer has used so far in the development app are at the top of the screen. Customers will find the icons of Cashin, Cashout, Mobile Recharge, Make Payment, Ad Money, Pay Bill, Movie Ticket here. My development: This part will be arranged like every customer at once. The service that the customer uses the most will be sorted in the ‘My Development’ section. For example, someone might send money to mom regularly. In the ‘My Development’ section, there will be a logo called ‘Ma’ where he can start the process of sending money to his mother by clicking. Best Offers and List of

All Offers: A banner has been added to the new bKash app screen to let you know what’s on offer. Where the best offer of development will be displayed. Clicking will give you the opportunity to know the details of the offer. In addition to the best offers, there is an offer part of the screen with the offers of established brands. Clicking will give you the opportunity to know the details. There are different offers for each district. Apps where the customer will be located- If this location is given, the offers of that area will be displayed on its app screen. Suggestions: Suggestions have been added to the new

bKash app to make it easier for customers to find the services they need. Where each customer’s suggestion box will be arranged differently depending on the customer’s location, app usage type, lifestyle etc.  of Dhaka. Navigation Bar: There is a navigation bar at the bottom of the homescreen. Where the customer can see the homescreen button, QR code button and inbox button. Customers can use this button to return to the main screen with a single click from any window.

QR Code Button: There is a QR button at the very bottom of the screen of the new app. After scanning the QR code directly from there, the customer will reach the desired service interface by going through a few steps. Inbox: There are special offers for specific categories of customers at different times depending on the type of customer transaction. Customers will find this special offer for him in the promotion section of Inbox. And in the transaction section you will find a list of his last 50 transactions.

Moreover, the opportunity to check the balance by tapping on the homescreen, once the right by clicking on the development logo limit, transaction, change the user information, all the previous options have been added to this app. What is development? BRAC Bank, US-based Money in Motion, International Finance Corporation, part of the World Bank Group, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, and Bikash, a joint venture of Ant Financial Coming.

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