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Mobile Gallery is a personal option for every mobile user. Where we store many kinds of data, including our own pictures and some important documents. But we can download a mobile gallery lock app to use this data for personal use. This will keep our mobile gallery safe.

But how to download Gallery Lock software? No worries, we will show you how to download Mobile Gallery Lock and how to use it. Let’s find out about Mobile Gallery Lock Software.

Gallery lock app

Gallery lock software

Safe Gallery (Media Lock):

Secure Gallery:



Hide Something apps:

Safe Folder:

Download Gallery Lock software on mobile

Gallery lock software questions and answers

What is Gallery Lock App? First of all, we need to know about the Gallery Lock app. The gallery is the place where all the videos, data, pictures, and important files are stored on your own mobile phone. As a personal, some of our personal information may be in the gallery.

We use the Gallery Lock software to keep this information confidential. Using Gallery Lock we can protect our gallery using a specific password or zip code or pattern.

So that even if someone else holds our mobile phone, they can’t see our personal data. Since I am using a mobile gallery lock to keep personal things safe here, this gallery lock should never be shared with anyone. This way your personal belongings will no longer be there and will not be safe.

Gallery lock software

There are currently many software applications for locking galleries. Which we can easily download and use on mobile. However, there are some mobile lock software apps that we can use to get more benefits. The best gallery lock software is mentioned below-

Safe Gallery (Media Lock):

Safe Gallery (Media Lock) is a mobile gallery lock apps. You can easily download it from Google Play Store. You can use it after downloading and installing. With the help of this app, you can keep all the files like audio, gallery, image, video, etc. with protection.

You can use this app to lock the screen. For example Pin, Password, Pattern, Fingerprint. However, when you install this app, you have to take some precautions. And that is what you must take care to delete. So that no file is deleted.

You can download the app from here – Safe Gallery (Media Lock)

Mobile Gallery Lock Apps

Secure Gallery:

The Secure Gallery app allows you to secure everything in your mobile phone’s gallery. So that no one else can enter your gallery without your permission and steal your important information. With this app, you can set Pin, Password, Pattern, etc.

And if you want to download this app now, you can click on the link. Secure Gallery

Gallery Lock Software Download


the gallery is a powerful gallery lock application. Where you can keep your images and videos safe. Like other apps, here you can set Pin, Password, Pattern, Fingerprint.

You can also use some additional features here. Enjoy some features like a web browser and notepad. You can have a lot of personal notes that you can securely store here. And when you want to use this app to protect your important documents. Additionally, you will be asked password recovery questions which will increase your security.

You can use this guy if you want by clicking on the Dark Mode option. This is because the AES application has been used in this software.

You can click here to download this software – gallery

gallery app details


FolderVault apps will block your mobile folders and files. This application will act like a slipper on your phone and provide your personal security.

In addition to getting more benefits from this app, you will also have the opportunity to change your app’s icon. However, this app will provide many kinds of benefits like google cloud or google drive and dab with sd card support.

See: Play Store Account Opening Rules

If you want to download this feature full apps, you can click here – FolderVault

Hide Something apps:

If you are looking for better gallery lock apps to lock the gallery, then I think Hide Something apps will be suitable for you. Like all other apps, here you can set your own. Moreover, you can give your face lock here.

You can click here to download this app

Safe Folder:

Using this app you can back up and lock your private photos, confidential videos, confidential net, and all confidential information. You will also get many additional benefits besides keeping all the apps locked on your mobile.

And if you want to download this app, you can click on this link – Safe Folder

You also have many more gallery lock app downloads. And the list is given below-

LockMyPix Photo Vault.

Folder Lock.

Lock your Folder.



keep safe Photo Vault

Calculator by FishingNet

Download Gallery Lock software on mobile

Here are the steps to download Gallery Lock software on mobile: –

First, you need to give internet connection on your mobile.

Then you need to sign in to your mobile G-mail.

After signing in to G-mail, the Play Store will automatically come to your phone.

Now go to the Play Store and search by typing the name of the gallery lock app you want to use in the search option.

Now you need to download the software you want to use.

After downloading, you need to install the app on your phone.

If you open it after installation, there will be many instructions. If you follow the instructions, you can lock the gallery of your mobile.

Gallery lock software questions and answers

1. Will mobile data be protected by using gallery lock software?

A: All important data of the mobile must be protected when using gallery lock.

2. Can mobile phones be hacked through gallery lock software?

A: Mobile phones cannot be hacked through gallery-locked software. However, you must use the software you are using knowingly.

3. Is gallery lock software available for free?

A: Gallery lock software is mostly available for free. Just as much as it costs to download your internet data apps, then you won’t have to spend any more.

4. Can any apps be hidden with Gallery Lock software?

A: Any apps can be hidden with Gallery Lock software. But this cannot be done with all types of gallery lock apps. Some software only has the option to do this.

Conclusion: We hope you got the idea about Gallery Lock software from here. We have the names of many gallery lock apps here. You can download the apps by clicking on those names. Moreover, if you have any questions regarding gallery lock download, you can come to our comment box.

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