Google Maps: Plan to switch from Music Control, do you use these five features of Google Maps?

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Google Maps: Plan to switch from Music Control, do you use these five features of Google Maps?

Who doesn’t love to travel to new places! But when we go to a new place, we often have to face some difficulties to find a way. In that case, we either take the help of pedestrians or now we have Google Maps on our smartphones. And now almost everyone knows about Google Maps. But did you know that Google Maps has many more unknown features than just finding the road?

Yeah Al that sounds pretty crap to me, Looks like Google Maps ain’t for me either. Let’s find out about 5 notable features like this.

Automatically organize travel:

As you may know, if you save an event in Google Calendar, the calendar will give you a reminder at a specific time. Exactly the same benefits can be found in Maps. To do this, open Google Maps and click on the ‘Saved’ tab at the very bottom to get the ‘Reservation’ tab. There you will be able to list your next day’s travel plans.

Can be pinned:

You can pin and frequently access the places you visit frequently with Google Maps. For this, after searching the name of a place, you will get the ‘Pin’ option. There you can pin different places so the extra benefit will be yours.

Music Control:

Music control is possible through the Google Maps interface. Yes, you read that right! To do this you need to go to ‘Settings’ in Google Maps. There you have to select ‘Navigation Settings’ and then click on ‘Assistant default media provider’. If you select the music app there, you will get the benefit of music control in Google Maps.

Location Share:

Anyone looking for your address but can’t find the exact location? You can help them find your address or just give them an update on where you are WhatsApp had that advantage. To get this feature with Google Maps, you need to click on the blue location dot and then from the menu that will appear, you need to do ‘Share Location’.

Restaurant Tip:

Are you planning to eat at the restaurant? Instead of browsing nearby restaurants, you can search for restaurants using Google Maps. Click on the ‘Restaurants’ button at the top of Google Maps and choose the restaurant of your choice from the options displayed there.

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