Learn how to check bank account balance through WhatsApp

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In 2016, WhatsApp Payment, a UPI-based service, was launched for beta testers. However, since November 2020, this feature of WhatsApp has been available to almost all Indian users. WhatsApp Payment System is a joint venture between the National Payment Control of India and WhatsApp. Subsequently, the instant messaging platform has tied up with more than 226 banks in the country. With this fancy feature of the company, users can send and receive money over the phone in no time. As well as the account balance can be checked using this feature. Let’s find out how to check your bank account balance using WhatsApp.

How to check your bank account balance using WhatsApp (How to check your bank account balance using WhatsApp)

• First you need to open the WhatsApp app on the phone.

• Then if the phone is Android then tap on the ‘Payment’ option, and iPhone users have to go to the ‘Setting’ option.

• Now you have to enter the payment and tap on the specific bank account.

Account there

You have to give UPI PIN by tapping on the balance.
After that, the account balance will appear on the user’s mobile screen.

Now let’s take a look at sending or receiving money
Then how to check the account balance.

• First go to the payment screen, then tap on Payment method.

• Then tap ‘View account balance’.

If you have multiple bank accounts associated with WhatsApp, then select the specific bank account that you want to know the balance of the bank account.

• Now enter your UPI PIN. Then you can see the balance of your specific account on your mobile screen.

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