Learn how to make money online ( online income 2022 )

This article is for those who want to make easy money online from home.

Nowadays in the age of the internet, you can earn a lot of money just sitting at home. Many people are working as freelancers online and are constantly earning thousands of rupees by staying at home. Then why not you?

If you want, you can make money online by using different ways. Today I will tell you about some of the ways to earn money online. You can easily earn a lot of money using them. But for that, you must have some skills.

So let’s take a look at the sources of online income

1) Earn money through the blog:

Where anyone can earn money online through blogging. All you need is a blog site and good writing habits.

Now the question is how to open a blog site?

It should not take more than 10 minutes. In just 10 minutes you can open a free blog site from blogger.com. It will not cost anything. But if you want to open your own blog site, you must spend some money to buy your own domain and hosting.

Once the block is created you can earn money through various content (stories, poems, essays, information campaigns, book reviews), etc. For this, you must make your blog popular by increasing the number of visitors. Because as the number of visitors increases, so will the number of views. And your income will be determined based on the number of views. Details

2. youtube video

Currently one of the most popular media is YouTube. And you can make a lot of money by making videos and showing them. However, it will require its own YouTube channel.

How to make

To make it easier, you need to create a YouTube channel using Google’s Gmail account at Google youtube.com. Once the channel is created, you can earn money by uploading any video you create.

What kind of video can you upload?

You can upload any video of your choice (comic, tutorial, dance), etc. but the uploaded video must be according to the channel name. That means you have to upload the video of the category under which you have opened the channel.
Just uploading videos will not start earning, so you must apply for Google AdSense and you can only apply when your channel is popular.

For this, we have to increase the number of visitors. The higher the number of subscribers, the more popular your channel will be.If the number of visitors to the channel increases, you can go to the monetization option of YouTube and apply and enable Google AdSense to show their various advertisements in your video. Your income will start when someone sees the advertisements given to them while watching your video. The more visitors, the more revenue. That is why increasing the number of visitors is an important issue.

3. Through Freelancing

Nowadays a lot of income can be made through freelancing sitting at home. The government of Bangladesh has made arrangements for free training. Freelancing is a site where buyers hire experienced people for their work.

There is plenty of space to work here. If one can be proficient in communication through various means of computer then one can easily get work through this. A freelancer can earn up to 500 to + 2000 + per month. Some freelancing sites are fiverr.com upwork.com freelancer.com worker.com.

4. As a Virtual Assistant

Virtual assistant means earning money by doing one’s job on behalf of others in virtual life. There is a huge expansion of the workplace in the virtual world nowadays. Many organizations hire assistants based on their skills. Virtual assistant jobs usually include phone calls, email communications, internal research editing writing, data entry, tech support, and social media management.
Some of the virtual government sites are freelancer.com upwork.com peopleperhour.com, match.com, uAssistMe.com.

5. Sells products at OLX and Quicker

OLX and Quicker are two of the most popular websites for buying and selling second-hand items online. In these, you can easily make money by selling any of your unused old things. Besides, you can earn money by buying old things from different sources at low prices and selling them here.

6. Using Android Apps-

If you search by typing earning apps or recharge apps from the play store of your android set, you will find many apps that provide real money. Download and install these apps. If you need to open them and register, you will register with the correct information. Then they will give you various tasks (downloading apps, referring, watching videos), etc. by doing which you will be paid.

Payment system: free mobile recharge, bank account transfer, etc.
Some popular earning apps are – True Balance, Pocketmoney, Task box.

7. Through short link website

Many people may not know that it is possible to earn money through short links. Gee, I’m telling the truth and you’re right. There are some websites where you can earn money just by shortening the link of any site.

Where to shorten the link?

If you go to their website, there is such an option that if you put the big name of your choice, it will become smaller. You don’t have to bother anymore. In order to earn money in this way, first, you have to go to some short link website and register the account. Then the more link shirts you make, the more income you will have.
Best website shortly.st, adf.ly, Blv. me, AL.LY.

8.By taking pictures

Many people have a hobby of taking different pictures. In fact, taking pictures is like an addiction for them. If someone is addicted to taking such pictures, then a good amount of money can be earned in a month with this picture.
With good quality cameras, you can make good money by taking good pictures of nature, places, people, food, etc., and selling them online.

9. As a Captcha Solve

Captcha Solve is one of the easiest ways to earn money online. In this method, you have to read the captured image, understand it and write it in the empty cell. Here you need to know how to type fast to make a good income. If you search on Google, you will find many captcha sites in which you can work by signing up.

I hope this article will be useful for you. So friends, why are you late? Choose the medium of your choice and start your new income from today.

All will be well.

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