NitroPhone 1: Hard to hack, world’s safest Android smartphone on the market

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With the increasing use of the Internet, the security of our data is also being questioned. Because, as the incidence of cyber fraud increases day by day, it is becoming difficult to protect one’s bank or social media accounts from hackers.

In such a situation, the security features of the phone we are using must be very strong and advanced. In that case, now a smartphone has come into the market, which has been claimed that hackers cannot breach the existing security features.

Nitrokey, a German IT security company famous for making encrypted USB sticks and laptop national products, has recently launched this security-based handset called NitroPhone1. The company claims that NitroPhone1 is the safest Android smartphone in the world.

Nitrokey NitroPhone 1 will provide modern hardware with security, privacy and, a simple user interface. it is a replica of the Google Pixel 4a smartphone, which uses GrapheneOS (private and secure mobile operating system). That is,

 the phone will not support Google’s mobile service, but users will be able to download the Google app separately. The Nitrokey NitroPhone 1 is priced at ৭ 650 or about Rs 54,645.

Nitrokey NitroPhone 1 Specification

Nitro microphone  1 has a 5.71 inch Full HD Plus display. There is a Snapdragon 630G processor. It will have 6 GB RAM and 128 GB flash drive storage. And in the case of the camera front, a 12.2-megapixel rear primary sensor has been given.

Although the hardware or display of the new phone is similar to that of Google Pixel 4A, the operating system is different. Nitrophone 1 will be powered by Android 11 based GrapheneOS. This custom OS removes Google Apps and places more emphasis on integrating security features.

It is learned that this phone will have a pin layout or ‘automatic kill switch feature, which will turn it off if the phone is not active for a long time. In addition, the ‘Tracking Protection’ feature will be available, which will prevent apps on the phone from accessing other data, including the user’s IMEI, MAC address.

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