Portugal: No more burning coal to generate electricity, Portugal to use nature-friendly energy to keep country afloat

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Considering the environmental pollution, several European countries have taken steps to stop burning coal for power generation. This is because the black smoke from burning coal emits large amounts of carbon dioxide, which is a greenhouse gas. Portugal – This time he is going to be on the same path.

That is why many environmentalists have welcomed Portugal’s move to halt power generation by burning coal. They also said that if the country’s latest coal-fired power plant was used as a wood-burning fuel instead of coal, it would be a mistake.

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The Pego plant, located 150 kilometers northeast of the Portuguese capital Lisbon, has stopped burning coal for a week to generate electricity. Portugal is the fourth country in the European Union to stop burning coal for power generation. Austria and Sweden followed that path after Belgium stopped burning coal in 2016.

Catherine Gutmann, director of Europe Beyond Coal campaign, said: “Coal burning is having a devastating effect on Europe’s climate. Which is affecting the economy and the needs of the people. ” On the other hand, Environmental Group Zero said, “The Pego plant in central Portugal is the second-largest emitter of carbon dioxide in the country. By shutting it down, we’re getting rid of the biggest source of greenhouse gas emissions. “

Katherine, meanwhile, added that fossil fuels or unconventional biomass should not be used as an alternative to coal. But sadly, a tender has recently been called for the Pego power plant, where investors have reported the use of unconventional biomass.

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