This is the first voice-controlled car launch in Bangladesh

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The car will work exactly as you say. The new ‘Talking Car’ is going to get a response in the ever-advancing world of technology. At the PHP Motor Fest-2021 in Bangladesh, the screen was recently removed from the ‘Talking Car’ PHP Proton X70 SUV, the main attraction of which is that the car window glass can be raised or lowered through voice commands. The company also claims that its audio system can be operated. Let us know what is special about this PHP Proton X70.

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The ‘Talking Car’ SUV has been unveiled at the 7-day PHP Motor Fest 2021 in Chittagong, Bangladesh. The PHP Proton X60 has been unveiled under the slogan ‘Our Road, Our Car’. Akhtar Parvez, managing director of the company, said, “We are the first company to bring voice-controlled cars to the country. Anyone can open and close the car door glass through voice commands. Even its audio player can be controlled. Car parking technology via voice commands will be added soon. The car will also come with several more sophisticated technologies. ”

Parvez added, “After receiving the expected response from the customers, we have changed the body of the car. We have used all the latest technology in it. ” He also said, “There is no supply of car parts in the market yet. In order to provide the best service to our customers, we are delivering its components online to any part of the country within 24 hours with five years of after-sales service. ”

Incidentally, the company’s factory in the Sagarika area of Chittagong employs 265 workers who are assembling 10-12 vehicles in each shift. At present, the annual production of the company is 1,200 units. PHP Motor has showrooms in Dhaka, Chittagong, and Sylhet in Bangladesh, but plans to expand its presence in important districts of the country in the future.

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