Can Indians play Battlegrounds Mobile India using PUBG Mobile’s profile? Speculation is rife!

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This time Digital Desk: Battlegrounds Mobile India is the most talked about name in the mobile gaming world in India right now. Although the official announcement of when the game will be launched. Rumor has it that it will be found on June 14. However, the company has made it clear that the game will not launch on June 14. However, the pre-registration of this game has already started.

Since the announcement of the game’s launch, the only question that has been circulating in the minds of gamers is whether it is possible to play Battlegrounds Mobile India using PUBG Mobile’s profile. Unfortunately, game developer Krafton has yet to answer this question. Although many people think that Battlegrounds Mobile India can be played using PUBG Mobile’s profile.

Since this game is being launched instead of PUBG Mobile, many are optimistic about importing profiles. However, Battlegrounds Mobile India developer Krafton has nothing to do with Chinese developer Tencent. Incidentally, this Tencent Games was responsible for the distribution of PUBG Mobile in India. And that is why PUBG Mobile was banned in this country. Two completely separate companies. So the data of one game is doubtful to be used in another game.

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Although Krafton’s Battlegrounds Mobile India game can import wizard data from Tencent’s PUBG Mobile game, many feel that it will be beneficial. But what exactly is the truth? Krafton has created Battlegrounds Mobile India, intending to develop an entirely new game by severing all ties with PUBG Mobile. YouTube’s PUBG Mobile streamers have also been advised not to call the Battlegrounds Mobile India game PUBG Mobile.

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Krafton is trying to launch a completely new game in India through Battlegrounds Mobile India. At least that’s what it looks like from above. However, Krafton will have to burn a lot of wood to import PUBG Mobile’s data into this game. Also, if this is done, the new game may come under the scrutiny of the Indian government again. In that case, there are a lot of question marks. However, since various Chinese apps, including PUBG Mobile, were banned from India due to data privacy, Krafton will try to avoid creating controversy by adding data from that game to the new Battlegrounds Mobile India game.

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