Robi Minute Check Code 2022 ( Robi Minute Check )

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Robi minute check code 2022 [How can I check Robi minute?]

Do you use Robi SIM? And you want to know Robi minute check code? Then keep watching today’s post till the end.

Because today we will know the details about how Robi checks minutes. You see Nour 360. Let’s get started. [How can I check Robi minute?]

Robi Minute Check 2022 [robi minute check code bd]

We buy more or fewer minute offers. But sometimes we have to check the remaining minutes.

And if you are a Robi user then you must know Robi minute check code. Because the code of each operator is different. So let’s not know the rules of checking Robi minutes.[ robi minute check code bd ]

Friends, there are many ways to check Robi minutes. Today we will learn about all the gifts in this post. This is discussed in detail below:

Step 1 – Robi Minute Check Code 2022 [ Robi minute pack ]

This is the first step in checking our Robi minutes. First, go to your dial pad to check the minutes with your Robi SIM.

Then go here and dial * 222 * 2 #. Then you can see your remaining minutes in a popup window. [ Robi minute pack ]

Step 2 – Robi Minute Check Code 2022 [How can I check my Robi combo offer?]

If you fail to check the minutes of Robi after following the steps given above. Then you can follow this step. [How can I check my Robi combo offer?]

For this, you have to go back to the dial pad. Then type on the dial pad: * 222 * 9 #. Then after a few seconds again you can see your minutes in a window.

Step 3: Check Robi minutes with the Robi app

If you have any problem checking the minutes of Robi even after following the 2 steps given above. Then you can view the remaining minutes of your Robi SIM directly with the Robi app.

You do not have to work hard for it. If you do not have the My Robi app, first download it from the Play Store. Now sign up for your mobile number in-app.

40 SMS Tk10 Offer & Robi 40 Minutes 

 Dial your mobile  *8666*1010# and get active Robi 40 Minutes & 40SMS 10Tk Offer


Robi 5tk 20 Minute code

 Dial your mobile *8666*03070# and get active 20 Minute.

Validity time: 8 hours.Cost your only: 5 Taka

Robi 5 minute pack 2022

Get 5 Minutes dail your mobile *8666*002# .cost of only TK. 3.04 and Validity time: 4 hours.

robi minute pack 30 days:

Check list minutes 30 days 2022:

Tk. 1910 total minutes and mb  2400 Min+ 48GB .get active dail *0*3# .

Tk. 1017 total minutes and mb 1200 Min+ 16GB .get active dail *0*2# .

Tk. 997 total minutes and mb 1500 min + 5GB .get active Recharge 997 Taka .

Tk. 574 total minutes and mb  1000 min + 1GB .get active Recharge 574 Taka.

Tk. 507  total minutes and mb 600 Min+ 8GB .get active dail *0*1# .

Tk. 599 total minutes and mb  500 Min + 10GB + 100 SMS .get active dail *123*599# .

Tk. 278 total minutes and mb 475 Minu + 1GB .get active Recharge 278 Taka .

Tk. 224 total minutes and mb  2380 Minutes .get active Recharge 224 Taka .

Tk. 218 total minutes and mb 1360 Minutes.get active Recharge 218 Taka .

Tk. 198 total minutes and mb 335 Minutes .get active dail *123 *194#.

Tk. 183 total minutes and mb 285 Minutes.get active dail *0*9# .

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