Only 120 are coming to India, buy or Royal Enfield 650 Twin 120th Year Anniversary Edition

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November 1901, Stanley Cycle Show in London It was there that Royal Enfield unveiled their first two-wheeler. Although British by birth, the company’s popularity grew after coming to India. That tour, which began twelve decades ago, is still going on with pride. The 650 Twins 120th Year Anniversary Edition premiered on Tuesday in Milan, Italy (EICMA 2021 show) to celebrate the traditional 120th anniversary of Royal Enfield. This is a limited edition model of Interceptor 650 and Continental GT 650.

Only 460 650 Twins 120th Year Anniversary Editions will be created worldwide. Of these, 120 units are allocated for India. Sixty units of the Interceptor 650 and sixty units of the Continental GT 650 will be released here. The remaining 360 units are allocated to markets in Southeast Asia, Europe, and the Americas (120 in each region).

Siddharth Lal, Managing Director, Eicher Motors, Royal Enfield’s parent company, said: The Interceptor and Container GT is as popular around the world today as it was in the 1980s. They represent our tradition of making simple and enjoyable motorcycles. ”

The 120th Year Anniversary Edition Interceptor 650 and Continental GT 650 have been designed and handcrafted in the UK and India. The limited-edition motorcycle features black chrome tanks, black-out engine silencer. All hardware has a black paint scheme. Even accessories like windscreens, engine guards, heel guards, touring, and bar and mirrors are black. The company has not yet announced the price of the 650 Twins 120th Year Anniversary Edition.

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