Terrible fire in Rohingya camp

Terrible fire in Rohingya camp

A fire has been reported at a Rohingya camp in Ukhia, Cox’s Bazar. More than 500 houses in the camp were reportedly burnt down by 6 p.m. The fire is still burning. 6 units of Ukhia Fire Service are working to control the fire. However, it is not yet known how the fire started. We are working on fire control.

Awami League’s dialogue with the President on 16 January

On January 16 (Monday) the President will hold a dialogue with the Awami League on the formation of the Election Commission. Abdul Hamid.

This information was given by the Press Division of the President’s Office on Sunday (January 9).

According to the information, the President will discuss the formation of the Election Commission with the Awami League at 4 pm on the same day. Abdul Hamid.

Bangabhaban has so far invited 32 parties since the dialogue started on December 20. The BNP did not respond to the President’s initiative this time. Several other parties have stated they will not take part in the talks.

Punak next to the tiger widow of Shyamnagar

urrounding the Sundarbans is the life of most of the people of Shyamnagar, Satkhira. They chose the Sundarbans as their only source of livelihood. They make a living by collecting honey from the Sundarbans, collecting firewood, fishing etc.

While working in the Sundarbans in search of livelihood, many people fall in the face of tigers. Killed in tiger attack. Their unfortunate family members are left behind. Widows who lose their husbands in a tiger attack are commonly referred to as tiger widows.

Bangladesh Police Women’s Welfare Society (Punak) has stood by the side of 100 such tiger widows.

On Sunday morning, food items and blankets were distributed among the tiger widows on behalf of Punak at Sushilni in Shyamnagar, Satkhira. Punak President Zeeshan Mirza was the chief guest on the occasion.

In addition, midwife kits were distributed among 30 midwives.

“Many of you have lost your husbands, some of you have lost your children,” she said. We feel blessed to be by your side.

“When you give birth to someone, you have to take care to ensure safe delivery,” she told midwives. If you want to take any kind of training, we will try to arrange your training.

The Punak president said that Punak is a service organization. Punak’s work has so far been confined to the police family. Kovid taught us how to love people. We are trying to work for the common man.

He later got up from the stage and spoke to the tiger widows and inquired about their families.

Earlier, Zeeshan Mirza planted trees at Riverview Ghat in Shyamnagar, Satkhira and inaugurated a deep tube well of potable water at Datinakhali.

The locals expressed their sincere gratitude to the President for providing them with potable water.

At the District Superintendent of Police. Mostafizur Rahman and leaders of Bangladesh Police Women’s Welfare Association were present.

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