Truecaller 12: If you call, the video will play, read and hear who is calling! Truecaller brings new updates

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Truecaller, the popular caller ID search smartphone application has launched the 12th version of the Android app with a bunch of new features. One of these new features is the Video Caller ID. Using it, users will be able to set short videos, which will appear on their device screen when calling friends or family.

Again, the ‘Call Recording’ feature allows storage-capturing of phone conversations. In addition, the Truecaller 12 update will feature a new UI or user interface, which comes with a separate calling and messaging tab. In addition, ‘Ghost Call’ and ‘Call Announce’ features have been specially introduced for Premium and Gold members. The functionality of these two features is as unique as their name implies. Let’s find out in detail about the 5 features

Truecaller 12L with these 5 new features

Video caller ID: Thanks to this new update to Truecaller, users can now create a video calling ID. This video will be visible only to those who use the TrueCaller app on the mobile contact list when making voice calls. You can upload your own recorded short selfie video to set the video calling id. Or you can choose one of the templates in the app, which is basically a generic type video.

Call recording:

Truecaller introduced the first call recording feature in 2016. But at that time only paid members could use this feature. However, it was recently launched for beta testing. And now, in the recently launched 12th edition, the call recording feature has been made available to every user, paid and non-paid. However, keep in mind that if the phone does not have an Android 5.1 or a higher OS version, the call recording feature cannot be used.

When recording a call using TrueCaller, it will be saved to the device’s internal memory by default. Users can share these recordings using e-mail or any messaging app. Let me tell you, this is an optional feature. As a result, users need to manually activate the call recording option. To do this you first need to open the drop-down ‘Settings’ box on the left side of the app. Then, tap on the ‘Accessibility’ option. Now, you can record a call by tapping the ‘record’ button at the top of the screen. The feature will work for both incoming and outgoing calling.
(Settings> Accessibility> record button)

User interface (UI)

Innovation has also been brought in the case of UI or user interface of the app. In this new update, the calling and messaging tabs have been separated Due to which the app will look cleaner. At the same time, the calling list and messaging section (Truecaller Message, Group Chat, Direct Message) can be easily accessed by switching tabs, the Swedish-based company claimed in a press release.

Call Announce:

Looking at the naming pattern, I hope you understand that it will work like the Read-Allow feature. Simply put, Truecaller will identify caller ID databases of numbers saved in mobile contacts or unknown numbers and provide incoming call information to the user in the form of audio. As a result, this new feature will be especially helpful in determining whether the user will receive or disconnect the phone when it is received on a busy road or while driving. So, in terms of functionality, it’s a lot like the iPhone’s Siri Voice Assistant. By the way, the call announcement feature will work equally well when using headphones.

Ghost calls:

You can use the Ghost calls feature to get out of an uninvited situation or to have an intimate prank with friends. Truecaller said users will be able to schedule fake calls by enabling the feature. In that case, it is possible to create a fake calling ID in the app by setting the desired name, number, and profile picture. If you want, you can also choose a known person in the contact list of the phone to create a fake ID.

Note that Ghost Calling and Call Announcement – both features are only available for Premium and Gold members. In that case, those of you who want to buy a premium pack from TrueColor can buy an annual package of Rs 529 or a plan of Rs 189 for a period of three months. In addition, there is a pack of Rs 2,500 for buying Gold Membership, which will be valid for one year.

Truecaller said that the above 5 features will be rolled out within the next week. However, some features are already available for access to the beta version. Although the 12th version of TrueColor is supported on Android phones, the details of how long these features will be available on iOS phones are still elusive.

Truecaller is the milestone of 300 million active users worldwide

Truecaller authorities recently announced that 300 million monthly active users worldwide are using their app. Of which 220 million users are Indian. At the same time, the company claims that more than 150 million people are using this app for SMS services.

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