WhatsApp’s new feature, you can make your own sticker of your choice

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Can’t find your favorite sticker while chatting? No problem. WhatsApp has come up with an easy solution for you. According to a recently released report, this popular messaging platform owned by Meta Group is about to add a sticker creation feature. As a result, every WhatsApp user will be able to send their own stickers while chatting with their friends and acquaintances, which we think will increase their enjoyment of chatting.

WhatsApp Sticker Creation Feature

91Mobiles was the first to draw our attention to the inclusion of the sticker-making feature in WhatsApp. This feature has already been added to the beta version of the application in question. In that case, 91Mobiles claims in their report that in the next few weeks, there will be an opportunity to make stickers in the stable or permanent version of WhatsApp.

Note that users have had to rely on any other third-party application to send their favorite stickers to WhatsApp. They also had the opportunity to choose stickers from the packs provided by the instant messaging platform owned by Meter. But with the addition of this feature, they will be able to make stickers as needed in the future.

The upcoming feature will allow WhatsApp users to use special tools to edit the sticker while creating it. According to the report, this sticker creation tool has been seen in the beta version of the application. Those interested can use their sticker creation tool to turn their uploaded image into a sticker. In that case, the report claims that the stickers can be made as fun as possible with the customized tool.

The ‘Delete Messages’ feature is getting longer, with new updates coming soon

By the way, WhatsApp authorities are also experimenting with this feature, along with the ability to create stickers. According to the popular website WABetaInfo, the Delete Messages feature on WhatsApp will soon be extended. Until now, WhatsApp users get 1 hour 6 minutes, and 18 seconds to delete a message sent. But as a result of possible changes, this time limit could be increased from 7 days to 6 hours, according to WhatsApp feature tracker WABetaInfo. If so, it is expected that the Whatsapp feature will roll out to the users with a permanent update very soon.

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