Wi-Fi router: Want great net speed? Follow these 6 tips

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In today’s digital age smartphones and of course internet connections have become a kind of obligation to the public. However, if the internet connection is slow, then having or not having a net connection is almost the same. Especially in Corona situations, it has become imperative to have a high-speed net connection with lots of data for work from home, video conferencing, or playing multiplayer games as well as spending leisure time watching continuous videos on the OTT platform. So the limited data of the phone recharge plan is getting less to the users now, and as a result, having a Wi-Fi (Wi-Fi) connection in almost every home is now a must.

But it does not mean that WiFi will always provide a strong internet connection. Yes, sometimes the internet speed of wifi can be bad because of your internet package. It also depends on where you put the router in your home but its net speed. If you place the router in the right place in your home, it will undoubtedly provide you with great internet speed. But how do you know where it should be placed? Yes, this report will help you to know this. Here we will share with you 7 tips to get great net speed from wifi routers.

How to get the best signal from Wi-Fi router (How to get the best signal from Wi-Fi router)

Keep your Wi-Fi router in a central position

A Wi-Fi router should always be placed in a place where the same signal is available to all the devices around it. If you place the router in a corner of the house, then naturally no good net signal can be found anywhere else in the house except that house. So place the router somewhere in the middle of your house, so that you can get good net coverage anywhere in the house.

Try to clear signal interruptions

If there is a thick wall or a large metal object around the Wi-Fi router, its net signal is interrupted, so it will never get a strong internet connection. So never place anything next to a Wi-Fi router that could slow down its net speed.

Do not place any appliances or electronics gadgets around the router

Keep your router away from electronics such as TVs, refrigerators, or Bluetooth headsets. Proximity to these can affect the performance of Wi-Fi, which is likely to slow down its net speed.

Avoid other airwaves

Almost every Wi-Fi router uses a 2.4 GHz wireless band, and the same airwaves exist in other common devices such as Bluetooth speakers and baby monitors. So keep your Wi-Fi router away from such devices.

Do not place the router near the fish tank and mirror

Your Wi-Fi router should not be placed near the fish tank and mirror. Water interrupts Wi-Fi signals, reducing its performance. Mirrors, on the other hand, reflect the signals of the router and consequently, the net speed of the router is affected.

Place the Wi-Fi on a high place

If we never get a signal on our mobile, we hold it at a high place to see if the signal is coming. In other words, it is very natural to understand that the signal is better in high places than in low places. So if you place your router in a high place in the house, you can expect great net speed from it.

Check the position of the antennas on the Wi-Fi router

Each Wi-Fi router has at least one antenna. In some routers, it is outside, in some cases, it is inside the gadget. This antenna helps the router to transmit the signal correctly. If your Wi-Fi router has multiple antennas, these antennas should be placed perpendicular to each other to get net coverage across a wide area. So make sure that the position of the antennas on your router is correct.

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